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Geesje Stroo is an educational pioneer for the new age who wants to give more direction to a more soul-oriented universal education in our rapidly changing world. In addition to being the author of Learning in Living Light, Silence and Creative, she is also a multidisciplinary artist.
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Workshops/ Lectures/ Presentations
Geesje designs and gives, in addition to lectures and presentations, creative workshops for both children and adults. These workshops are based on the principle of collective emergence, which means that we consciously connect together in our creative expression in a larger collective energetic field. If we learn to come together from shared unity, from shared creativity, from the deep source that we essentially are, then it is no longer about an I and a You, a We and They, but about a new We. Especially now, in this time of major shifts, the development towards more conscious learning coming together from shared unity (unity in diversity) is important. It is exciting and instructive to actually experience this in making a work of art together. Curious?
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Book Learning in Living Light, a publication by Geesje Stroo
The book Learning in Living Light speaks about the possibility of giving a richer humanity and learning from life itself a greater place in education. It explores the connection between education, creativity and spirituality and communicates the importance of developing unity consciousness.
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Reactions to the book Learning in Living Light

Pure Child, the magazine with a pioneering vision of holistic education. May edition 2023, books in the spotlight.This book has the allure of becoming a classic when it comes to describing this transitional time with regard to education. In addition to being a writer, the author is also an art teacher, which puts the interpretation of her message in a certain light. After all, art is the language of the soul. This makes this book accessible to a wide audience.
Marja de Vries, author of the book The Whole Elephant in Picture.
I have now read the first 80 pages of your book and am very impressed! I can already tell you that I would like to pay extensive attention to it in my newsletter and on my website.
Willem Glaudemans, author of The Book of Universal Laws on Lighter Living Learning.
This topic is close to my heart. The subtitle alone makes my heart jump. Soul-centered universal education is so needed! For all children, but especially the new age children who are now incarnating in greater numbers to help humanity raise consciousness.
The story of the WHOW lesson really appealed to me. So simple and at the same time so profound. For example, you wish that children receive education in schools, based on connection with the soul, based on higher principles. I have been advocating Life Lessons in schools for years. And here you write about it! So this book makes me happy and will recommend it whenever educational innovation is discussed. Thank you for your beautiful work.
Hans Kunneman, author of Find your Source and founder of the Streaming Education collective.
This book contains vibrant and infectious examples of how you, as a teacher, can give spontaneity a natural place.
Phill Moore, author of The Future of Children (inspired by Buckminster Fuller) and co-founder of Uplandshill School Michigan USA.
The book Lighter Living Learning contains the wisdom of direct experience and contains the seeds of a transformation in education.
Petra Speelman, co-author of the Stilte Flipover foundation IAM EvenStilte AUB, a platform for silence teachers.
Lighter Living Learning is an important and inspiring book to learn to listen, speak, react and create more deeply to silence.
Marleen van Wolferen, ecological pedagogue.
This book provides a refreshing view of the power of communication in educational situations, in which the teacher does not put himself at the center, but is part of a vibrant process in which every individual is allowed to make a personal contribution based on their own abilities and strengths. The examples in this book invite you to transform from reader to co-experiencer. The book is close to the author and is honestly written. Highly recommended for anyone who cares about children.
Irma Nelom Janatosh, Contextuele Counseling & Coaching OSIB bewustwordingstraining.
Wat een prachtig boek heb je geschreven. Je taal/ woord gebruik is heel creatief en spiritueel. Vooral de kunst/ creativiteit maakt het lezen zo uitnodigend en nieuwsgierig. Prachtig Geesje. Je onderwijservaring heb je in een boek vastgelegd.
Fred Scholten, Theological Philosophy.
Very well written and a great build.
Working with a silent mind gives great revelations to every human being who deals with the silence. You are the testimony of that.
Vida Niazian, founder of Character Education and Leadership for the Future, Community Collective Wisdom Education Conferences.
What a source of inspiration, wisdom and unity! What a life's work!!
I am so impressed with your book. So fitting in the mission I have in mind!
Miriam Hoogma, founder  Holistic teaching, 1st holistic training for sensitive teachers of the new era, education advisor.
“We are on our way to a new earth and on the horizon new collective movements towards a more deeply shared human being are emerging.”
Holistic Teaching is an example of this and fortunately there are more and more initiatives, communities, social entrepreneurs and passionate educational pioneers who are making a difference.
Geesje Stroo is another educational pioneer.
Geesje's book is an absolute gem and contains the 'embodied wisdom' of someone who has been working for years to consciously transform education from a more universal perspective on education. From soul connection, from a deeper shared human being, from the connection with yourSelf and from there with your group.
The book contains many inspiring practical examples and a powerful vision of how to shape cosmic education towards a truly holistic guidance of children and young adults.
The beautiful book will definitely be on the reading list of our Holistic Teaching course, specialist in education and guidance of new-age children.