Geesje Stroo grew up on the coast of the island of Walcheren in Zeeland. She has traveled extensively and lived in America for seven years. Her work as a creative teacher and what she learned in it paralleled another important path in her life; the development of consciousness or the spiritual path.
After she began Buddhist meditation and consciousness development forty years ago, a path unfolded that took her to Evolutionary Spirituality and, in the last decade, to WeSpace groups.
Together with other pioneers, both at home and abroad, she continued to look for opportunities to translate new insights into a more soul-centered education. An education that dares to step out of the matrix of too much cognitive orientation and endless pressure and also aims to teach children universal laws, to understand them.
She sees the intelligence in nature and learning from life itself as the greatest sources of inspiration. It is therefore her passion, learning from these sources of inspiration, learning in what means a richer humanity, in education a greater place.