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A lecture and training by Geesje Stroo on holistic teaching at the center for consciousness 'Puur' in Almere(
Wonderful deepening afternoon with Holistic Teaching, the course that will use my book Lighter Living Learning in the curriculum. Our togetherness moved from absorbing information about the training, to informally enjoying delicious snacks, to listening to what cosmic consciousness might mean for moving into a new future.Magical stories from teaching practice showed shifts into something new.We created poems together from the energy between us, in circles, that generated depth and intimacy.
It was wonderful that there were children and young people who became part of everything and so together we became an expression of the new multi-dimensional consciousness in which unity and diversity can coexist together.We concluded with a musical adventure and a journey inward through dance and movement.
For more info on the post HBO course Holistic Teaching ( counseling new age children)email
(Miriam Hoogma and Gosse Beerda).