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The book
Lighter Living Learning
is currently being translated from Dutch into English. The website is also being translated into English.


Official book launch
Lighter Living Learning
On Oct. 9, 2022, the book was officially presented at art gallery “Over beeldend gesproken” in Amsterdam.
Geert Kimpen of publisher ‘Paris Books’ officially hands over the new book to Geesje Stroo.
Lecture and presentation on January 7, 2023 on Cosmic Consciousness for those interested in creating soul-centered education together.
Lecture/presentation and workshop by ‘Lighter Living Learning’ at ‘Holistic Teaching’ in Almere.

Lighter Living Learning is one of 20 experts/inspirators at this Conference Day at  3 – 3 – 23 in Zoetermeer. There will be a workshop on the Hand Model and a book presentation in the form of a workshop.

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Press Release

shipped to bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium in early February 2023

A new direction in education; universal, soul-centered education

In this time of culture change and transition, how do we ensure that our children continue to Learn Lighter and Alive?

More and more young people are being derailed by a lack of being truly seen and real human connection. The solution? Soul-centered education. In the innovative spiritual book “Lighter Living Learning,” author and teacher Geesje Stroo explains in a practical way the benefits of soul-centered education. She wants to inspire a new way of thinking about who we are and who we can become as human beings.

How do you give genuine curiosity a bigger place in education? Why is that important? In this book, through touching, true stories, Stroo shows how much power comes from slowing down, being still and open, and becoming more respectful.

The common thread in the 350-page book, then, is learning to listen and communicate more deeply and subtly and to learn every day from what life itself presents. The new world needs strong, endlessly flexible and creative people. Future education can play a major role in developing this deeper, intuitive intelligence.

“Because we are energetically connected from a larger cosmic field, it is crucial that we learn to tune into the laws of nature,” Stroo says. ‘Through this we make the evolution from a separated I-centeredness to a new we-centeredness.’

‘Lighter Living Learning’ is an informative and inspiring book for teachers and parents and calls for us to continue to shape this new direction together. One educator summarized the book as, “A beautiful look into the future about how education should be and very occasionally is already a little like that.

Author Geesje Stroo is an art & culture teacher with thirty years of experience. The book contains many examples from her own teaching practice.

The book “Lighter Living Learning” is published by Paris Books and available in all (online) bookstores such as Bol, Libris, Bookspot and Bruna.