Collages with painting Geesje Stroo
The basis of her work is the workings of cosmic laws and express themes such as;
We are light, splitting into colors of diversity(1),Surrendering old ideas (2), Entering Emptiness and Fullness(3), Being Fearless(4), The Power of Evolutionary Energy (5),Everything is moving,nothing is static (6),There is a crack in everything that’s where the light comes in (7), A door opens, a new beginning (8), Solid structures are fading (9), Insight into cosmic laws (10)
Again and again we encounter contrasts such as stillness and movement, space and limitation or structure. This becomes visible in organic and sleek geometric, architectonic forms.The work is a search for balance and in endlessly admitting the unknown is to feel again and again for what the materials colors and shapes mirror and communicate.
Geesje Stroo took the art course TEHATEX at d’Witte Lelie in Amsterdam




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