Comments and reactions to the book Learning in Living Light

The book Learning in Living Light talks about the possibility of giving a richer humanity and learning from life itself, a greater place in education. It is an examination in the connection between education, creativity and spirituality and communicates the importance of developing unity consciousness.


Willem Glaudemans, author of The Book of Universal Laws on Learning in Living Light.
This subject is close to my heart. The subtitle alone makes my heart leap. Soul-centered universal education is so needed! For all children, but especially the new age children who are now incarnating in greater numbers to help humanity raise consciousness.
The story the WHOW class really appealed to me. So simple and at the same time so profound. Thus, you wish children to be educated in the schools, from connection with the soul, from higher principles. I have been advocating for Life Lessons in the schools for years. And here you are writing about it! So this book makes me happy and will recommend it whenever educational innovation comes up for discussion. Thank you for your beautiful work.


Marja de Vries, author of the book De Hele Olifant in Beeld.
I have now read the first 80 pages of your book and am very impressed! I can already tell you that I would like to pay extensive attention to it in my newsletter and on my website.


Vida Niazian, founder Character Education and Leadership for the Future, Education Conferences Community Collective Wisdom.
What a source of inspiration, wisdom and unity! What a life’s work!!!
I am so impressed with your book. So fitting also in the mission I have in mind!


Hans Kunneman, author of Find Your Source and founder of Flowing Education Collective.
This book contains vibrant and infectious examples of how to give spontaneity a natural place as a teacher.


Phill Moore, author of The Future of Children ( inspired by Buckminster Fuller) and co-founder of Uplandshill School Michigan USA.
The book Lighter Living Learning contains the wisdom of direct experience and contains the seeds of a transformation in education .
Petra Speelman, co-author of the Silence Flipover foundation IAM EvenSilence AUB, a platform for silence teachers.
Lighter Living Learning is an important and inspiring book for learning to listen, speak, respond and create more deeply to silence.


Marleen van Wolferen, ecological educator.
This book provides a refreshing look at the power of communication within educational situations, in which the teacher is not self-focused, but part of a vibrant process, within which each individual is allowed to have a personal input from their own ability and strength. The examples in this book invite you to move from reader to co-reader. The book is close to the author and honestly written. Highly recommended for anyone involved with children.


Irma Nelom Janatosh, Contextual Counseling & Coaching, OSIB awareness training.
What a wonderful book you have written. Your use of language and words is very creative and spiritual. Especially the art/creativity makes reading so inviting and curious. Beautiful Geesje. Your teaching experience has been captured in a book.


Angela de Rie, founder of the Spiritual School, programmer Even Silence Please.
This book I read as I teach; open
It opened up to me at chapter 16: living creatively; continuing to embrace life from an endless flow. And before I read on, memories came up of class situations I experience daily in my classroom. “I can’t draw…” “Is it that good?”, “What do I have to do for a pass?”, “Done!!!” (After three minutes of scratching…)
In this chapter I read about the creative flattening, about the emphasis on rational knowledge, about the influence of cell phones on our creativity.
There can be so much more fun and liveliness between each other in learning situations when, as a teacher, you dare to be creative and open to the moment. Einstein already knew how to tell us, “Intelligence is creativity having fun.”
Don’t expect a program or models in this book, but allow yourself to be drawn into the author’s life and teaching experiences, but most importantly, universal wisdom.


Fred Scholten, Theological Philosophy.
Very nicely described and a great build-up.
Working with a silent mind gives great revelations to every person who engages in silence. You are the testimony of that.


Pia Crul, founder and trainer Confident Guests training for youth ages 11 to 25.
Wonderful book you have written! This wonderful book that is about the teacher/student relationship where the student can truly grow in self-confidence, authenticity and creativity. It is inspiring and beautiful how you describe what is really happening.
Lighter Living Learning is about that real change begins with awareness. This arises in the space you allow in your mind and in the space that exists between people. The book is beautiful vision of the future about how education should be and only very sometimes is.
Lighter Living Learning is certainly an important book for schools.


Kitty van der Werff, special education teacher.
I saw your book and became very happy. I am going to purchase it. I myself work in special education with beautiful souls. My students have Rett syndrome.


Annelies Wijschede, Spraaksaam dialoge@playground for Well-Being.
Your book stands like a house!


Miriam Hoogma, founder Holistic teaching,1st holistic training for sensitive teachers of the new age, educational consultant.
We are moving toward a new earth and on the horizon new collective movements toward a deeper shared humanity are emerging.’
Holistic Teaching is an example of this, and so fortunately there are more and more initiatives, communities, social entreneurs and inspired educational pioneers making a difference.
Geesje Stroo is another such educational pioneer.
Geesje’s book is an absolute gem and contains the “embodied wisdom” of someone who for years has been consciously transforming education from a more universal perspective on education. From soul connection, from a deeper shared humanity, from connection to yourSelf and from there to your group.
The book contains many inspiring practical examples and a powerful vision of how to shape cosmic education toward a truly holistic guidance of children and young adults.
The wonderful book will definitely be on the reading list of our Holistic Teaching course, specialist in teaching and guiding new age children.
New Age Center Holistic Teaching