“Within each of us, sometimes deeply hidden, lies a universal passion to evolve further. From a cosmic evolutionary perspective, so to speak, we learn to look through a new kind of lens. We begin to see ourselves as a process that is in constant motion, in development and can grow endlessly. The understanding you develop through this way of seeing allows you to approach the problems in yourself and in society from a much freer point of view.”


Vision for a new education described in the book Learning in Living Light; what can we start creating together?
What direction can we take in this time of enormous change?
What would it be like if we learned to shift our deepest basic condition that is mostly survival-oriented to one in which love, unity, trust, creativity and connection, became central? How can we learn to move toward it together?
Why is developing a “Unity Consciousness” important?
When we learn to come together from a shared unity, from the deep source that we all essentially are, the source that transcends all separation, it is no longer about an I and YOU, a WE and THEY but a new WE. How are we going to create and stabilize this together?
What will it take for a paradigm shift?
New thinking is needed; a new paradigm and value system for a more heart-centered education in which we will raise children to higher possibilities of being and becoming.
Why are new forms of “Subtler Communication” important?
We can learn together to become more sensitive to new ways of communicating between each other and with the natural world. We can learn to listen more deeply to each other and to the intelligence of intuition. We can begin to see the examples of indigenous cultures in their relationship to nature as a great gift.
How can we start looking at people differently?
We can assume more that each person has unique gifts and has endless potential. We can also begin to see and embrace the mystical dimension of life and see everyone more as a gifted and holy being.We can begin to respect that everyone has come here with a particular soul mission.We can teach children love for life and teach them to be stable; even in times of chaos and negativity. We can teach children despite the great challenges around us, love of self and love of life. We can teach them to be stable; even in times of chaos and negativity. We can become more centered on the wisdom of teachers, children, parents and elders and the intelligence in the natural world.
Are there ways of teaching that are far beyond the existing paths of today?
We can shift more from a systems-oriented base to a more creative-oriented base without throwing away the importance of cognition development.
We can begin to consider creativity and learning from the intelligence in nature, in all its forms more as a foundation, so that this becomes the light and energy for a love-based education. We can begin to develop multiple intelligences more so that the overvalued focus on cognitive intelligence is more balanced with our other intelligences. We can start protecting childhood for systems that destroy the deepest authentic being.
Can there be greater recognition of the power of a conscious collective?
We can bring more focus to the power of a collective heart connection bring and to the space between each other in which cosmic intelligence can emerge. We can teach children through Silence Lessons and other new forms of meditation and imagination exercises that they are more powerful than they think they are.